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Can I edit an order?

Please pop over an email to us (, or respond to your order confirmation email) with your request and we will do as much as possible to help. If you've received an email saying your order has already been posted we are unable to alter the delivery, but we'd be happy to help with future orders.

Do I need to place an order every month?

Not at all! Although our monthly membership fee rolls over - you don't need to place an order every month. If you are planning on going away or want to take a break then feel free to pause your membership for up to 6 months within the customer portal.

Why is your postage cumulative rather than a flat-rate?

We believe in businesses being as transparent as possible and postage is a key area for us to be upfront. The heavier the box, the more it costs to post so cumulative postage reflects both the monetary and environmental cost of delivering the items. To learn more, head to our community area to read our post on why there is no such thing as free postage.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

We partner with a carbon neutral courier for all our boxes, using electric vehicles and carbon offsetting for the lowest carbon shopping option possible.

How quickly should I expect my order?

Typically we will post orders within a few days. Once you've received a notification saying the order has been shipped it should take 2-3 days to arrive but sometimes as many as 5. If you haven't received it after 5 days then please pop over an email to us and we will try and sort it out for you.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Unfortunately it is not currently feasible for us to ship outside the UK. Whether we eventually expand outside the UK depends on the cost to consumer (we want to ensure shopping sustainably remains as affordable as possible), and impact on sustainability (obviously shipping products abroad can have a high environmental cost).

How much does it cost?

Membership is £4 per month. Or you can save even more money and purchase the year long membership at just £36.

Can I skip months?

Absolutely! We want to try and be as helpful for you as possible. You can pause your membership for up to 6 months from your account. If there are ways that we can make it smoother for you to skip then please let us know as we want to help you have total control.

Is it difficult to cancel?

We really hope that it doesn't come to this but if you do want to cancel then it will only take 3 buttons for you to cancel the account. Or you can pop over a message to us and we will cancel it for you.

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