Your SPF questions - answered.

What is an SPF?
Sunscreen with SPF 30 is one of the best skincare products you can add to your daily regime. Among its many benefits, it works to preserve your skin and maintain its moisture and smoothness. It is a defence against skin cancer and helps to prevent premature ageing. Maintain consistency with use and reapply as needed.
While the sun’s rays and vitamin D feel good on our skin, without proper protection, it can cause permanent skin damage in a matter of minutes. Start with the basics when creating healthy habits so you never leave home without ample coverage to face the day.
How does it add to my regular skincare routine?
When considering products to keep your skin looking and feeling good, sunscreen should top the list. To incorporate SPF into your daily routine, simply layer over top of your moisturiser. However, since it’s likely you’ll only use moisturiser once or twice a day, including a sunscreen amplifies your regular skincare by offering the daily safeguard you need to prevent damage from the sun.
It’s especially necessary to wear SPF after exfoliating when the skin is more vulnerable. When using Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic as part of your morning routine, it’s recommended to pair with the Clean Screen SPF 30. Sunscreen complements any skincare routine and works as a shield from harmful UV rays. It’s a must-have no matter what other products you use on a daily basis.
What’s so ‘Clean’ about Clean Screen?
It’s been documented that traditional chemical UV filters can cause skin sensitivity. This 22% Zinc Oxide formula creates a physical barrier from damaging light without irritating sensitive skin types, or clogging blemish-prone skin. It’s also packaged using post-consumer recycled packaging, 50% in the tube, and 100% in the cap
Is Clean Screen water resistant?
No. Clean Screen is a daily sunscreen, formulated to protect skin from UVA and UVB with antioxidant pollution protection, rather than a targeted holiday or swimming sunscreen.
How often do I need to reapply Clean Screen?
We recommend every 2 hours to maintain a consistent level of protection.
Is Clean Screen a moisturiser?
Ren have designed Clean Screen as a one-step product to be incorporated into your current routine, so it doesn’t contain traditionally moisturising ingredients. Use your preferred moisturiser first, then follow by applying Clean Screen.
I have oily skin - is Clean Screen suitable for me?
Absolutely. We know oftentimes sunscreens can be shiny or greasy, so we’ve added Rice Starch to keep skin matte by absorbing excess oil, while helping to visibly minimise the look of pores.
How can I get sunscreen all off my face at night?
We recommend an oil-based cleanser to effectively break down Clean Screen (as well as makeup and pollution) making it easier to rinse away. Follow with your favourite moisturiser and you’re good to go.
We're really proud to finally be able to stock an SPF and hope that we've answered most of your questions but always drop us a DM or email and we will answer as quickly as we can. 
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