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Why keeping Leo’s Box a secret isn’t good for you

We read a lot of comments from members – on Instagram, over email or through trustpilot about how much they are enjoying Leo’s Box (means the world!) but also about how great it is that we are so small. But small is not what we need to be. Here’s why:
  • The bigger our orders with our partners, the better our negotiating power. Which means we all get better pricing, higher priority (together, we can be one very big fish). Together, we can be as powerful as any of the large companies - (i.e. a price for 10,000 cleaners is higher per cleaner than for 20,000 or 50,000). And as our prices are passed through to YOU, the more we buy the less you pay.
  • Although we are small the more of us out there the more of a community testing we can do. We have gone through the quality checks but no one knows what you think of a product better than you. So the more of us there are the more we can improve the products available. The more of us in the club, the less overhead per product that comes into the “warehouse” (my bedroom) and then out the door.
  • The more boxes we ship, the better prices we can get on picking and packing, delivery services, tissue, printing etc. More members, lower prices!
    (That’s how a Buyers’ club works. :)
So that’s why we’ve introduced our very own refer a friend model so that you can both have a month on us for each of your friends that join. Every comment and nice word about our mission makes our day so thank you ever so much for the support.
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