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What does sustainability really mean?

Sustainability is an unregulated term which, having picked up momentum in recent years, has become a large and very grey area. Our work with sustainability is ever evolving. We like most are not perfect, but we work on key specific areas to really improve our impact.  

They are the following 

  • Having a low carbon footprint, aiming to be a carbon positive company 

  • Increased biodiversity especially for our Bees 

  • Reduce plastic in the ocean and increase awareness of plastic issues 

To us, sustainability starts with honesty and an ability to accept mistakes. We know that planting a tree with each box won’t solve the climate crisis but the smallest of positive changes can lead to an overall change.  

It also means we need to continue re-using our suppliers filler, using a thin cardboard (likely making our box ugly), using carbon neutral delivery and supporting businesses that don’t use nasty chemicals or non-sustainable palm oil.  

Sustainability is so much more than going zero waste, reducing our meat intake, buying ethical clothing, switching off the lights (as we have been told to do for years), using less water etc. To prevent it becoming something that does little more than offset consumer guilt, we need to engage with what it actually means. 

There are three pillars to sustainability: 

  • environmental protection, 

  • social equality, 

  • economic stability. 

Perhaps more easily remembered as people, planet, and profit. 

Sustainability affects all, as the three pillars suggest, in our daily life and needs to be viewed more than just a mindset or guilt trip but as a movement that is just attempting to highlight the best ways to improve.  

Overall, sustainability means: honesty, a long term objective and most importantly an ambition to change the way we live. 

Don’t let sustainability develop into a phrase or second thought, let it be aspirational and a journey. Sustainability is a movement not a moment and we want your help to make each difference.  

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