The best wellness apps for everyone

Everyone has stress, here at Leo's Box we do as well. It's always hard for everyone to do everything without stress coming as a side effect. That's why we are sharing with you the best Wellness apps that we have used ourselves or others have recommended so that you can just relax a bit. 


Headspace brings you guided meditation and mindfulness techniques to apply to stressful situations. The app has hundreds of different meditations on different subjects, 2-3 minutes 'mini meditations' for busy days, as well as emergency sessions for moments of panic or anxiety (for a big meeting or school exam). The perfect app to help reset your mind and find within yourself more balance.


Calm is another great meditation app focused on deep sleep, calming anxiety and breathing programs. Ranging from three to 25 minutes you can choose the perfect length for you to ensure that you can commit to the practice on a daily basis.



Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella's app is a treasure box of healthy, whole and nutrious recipes, which are all plant-based and easy to make. With an amazing story and a desire to solve some of the problems that she has faced, she makes it easy to relax and enjoy good food.


Waterminder helps you keep track of your daily intake of water by logging what you consume, providing daily reminders to help keep you hydrated


Charity miles a perfect running app for our planet. This app allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice while you run, walk, bike or even dance (whatever floats your boat). So something which is not always very fun can now have even more benefits. We've signed up and give to WWF so we know that theres an extra bonus to doing exercise. If you cannot always be bothered to run simply run to a local coffee shop and you've got your coffee quicker.

8fit provides personalised workouts, customised meal plans and recipes. The workouts are between 15-20 minutes and can be done at home without any fancy equipment. Please note - we have not used this app


Any other thougths on the best apps would be appreciated as I would love the help. Please email - if you want to ask anything or just to vent or open up about stress. 




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