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The best house plants

House plants are a growing aspect of daily life for many and the reasons behind getting them can vary, but we know one thing. They are good for the planet and of course make your home look lovely. So as an avid indoor plant lover, I thought that I would say the best indoor houseplants that clean your home and air (you will need to try one of our lovely cleaners for the proper cleaning job) 

Number one, my favourite, the peace lily. It’s simple but leafy style makes a room feel that little bit more spacious. But it isn’t just pretty, NASA have said that this plant is by far the best for indoor reducing nasty chemicals, in fact one peace lily can reduce the toxins in the air by as much as 60%. It is a pro at reducing benzene and trichloroethylene. Overall, a pro that removes everything in moderation.  

Number two, the spider plant. A quick moving plant that will clean up your air within two days. It is said by NASA to be able to remove 90% of the carbon in your room. So if you want to reduce your carbon output and clean up the air within your home, this is a plant to buy. Not the best at removing all the nasty chemicals but it is very good at reducing carbon.  

Number three, Aloe Vera. Interested in removing Benzene? The nasty chemical that is filled within most cleaning products, adds very little to your life and is a key toxin within the home which your skin will absorb, yep we hate it as you can tell. Aloe Vera’s are very good at removing this nasty chemical and others, plus it is a very good remedy for burns on your skin. Perfect for having next to your bed  

Number four, elephant ears. A bit like the peace lily, it is great at removing a wide range of chemicals. With soft stems and a peculiar stem, this is like the marmite of the plant world. People either love them or hate them. 

The rest  
English Ivy, one of the best at removing formaldehyde, a similar chemical to Benzene that adds very little value, it is likely that you would want to remove this nasty chemical. We suggest that you do not allow Ivy in your walls as it can kind of break them up a bit.  

Ferns make great house plants as they like relatively dark conditions so you can tuck them away in a corner and not have to worry about them too much. These plants act as humidifiers and can help restore the moisture in the air, so great if you suffer with dry skin conditions.  

How do we know so much about plants?  
Well plants are a hobby of mine, you don’t get introduced to people on the first day of sixth form (to new people I’d never met) as plant boy. I introduced a plant initiative at my school, putting plants in classrooms, designed to reduce almost 5 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. Sadly most of the plants did not survive after the full year, but we still managed to reduce just over a tonne of carbon. So I have done lots of research on indoor plants and had an awful lot of comments (not always appreciated) about my plant love.  

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the best indoor plants, I would recommend either going to Patch or even better going to your local garden centre to support a small business. 


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