One planet one chance

We are constantly told, by climate deniers, Governments and big business that we have time, that the climate crisis isn’t something we need to panic about, and that it is just a “money making industry”. (Donald Trump)

But the truth is, we DO need to panic. Our home is warming at an alarming rate (“0.2C per decade, IPCC SR15 Report), that we have done nothing about, and continue to do nothing about, our main focus has shifted away from our planet, our home and our extended, global family, to profits, industry and the individual. We have lost the sense of community, and shared responsibility, that is so crucial to the conservation of the environment, but we are in turn, also losing nature.

We are currently not only living through a climate crisis, where the earth is warming almost uncontrollably, but also through the sixth mass extinction, where every day, 200 species are becoming extinct (Greta Thunberg: No One is too Small to Make a Difference, P. 9) The loss of massive amounts of biodiversity is not only increasing the rising global temperatures (through the release of carbon from decaying matter and felled trees, which “contributes six-times as much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as fossil fuel emissions.” (Mary Robinson, Climate Justice, P. 74)), but it is also resulting in us becoming more and more disconnected from nature, which then leads to in an increase in consumption as a result of a lack of knowledge and awareness of the planet. 

 In spite of this, however, there is still hope - we, the youth, are more educated, aware and active than ever before, and are calling on our leaders and big businesses to change their ways and make their decisions and actions much more environmentally conscious. The work of incredible activists and pioneers all around the world (such as Greta Thunberg, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Vanessa Nakate, Elijah McKenzie-Jackson and many others) is getting more and more notice as more and more people start to listen to what we are saying. This then has a direct, positive result: a sense of community and collective responsibility is starting to re-emerge. We are far from where we need to be, but we ARE slowly, making progress and that is the only light of hope that we need. 

Companies such as Leo’s Box, who are environmentally friendly and conscious, pave the way for the sort of society that we need to become. They push the public psyche away from wanting more material goods, to wanting more for the environment - whilst proving to the doubters that it IS possible to be sustainable and environmentally conscious, whilst also being a successful business. 

Although there are undeniably dark times, when it can be hard to find any hope, looking to the youth and the amazing actions that we are taking around the world shows that we cannot give up. If we work together, we will make a difference. If we speak up, we will be heard. That is all the hope we need. 


Written by - Emily Knock

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