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Introducing our postage plan

At Leo’s Box, we want to keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. We don't do special offers, just low prices all the time. We sell at wholesale prices across the whole range. On average this offers 40% off, but can be as high as 70% below the recommended retail price (RRP). Rather than pocketing this saving, we believe it’s right to pass it onto the consumer. We think that sustainable products should be equally as accessible as less sustainable alternatives. 
No gimmicks, no pricing tricks, just great savings on sustainable staples every day. However, this means that there is little margin for affording postage costs, with some products being near loss-leaders. 
Because of this, we are introducing our own unique way of asking you to chip into the postage costs.  
We are putting on a small fee to each product up to a maximum of 60p to help pay for postage. The idea behind this is to charge a slightly higher fee for the heavier products and then a lower price for the lighter ones - just as the post office charges more for heavy products, so must we. Equally, as we do carbon neutral delivery, heavier items such as glass cost more to be offset, and thus more to send. 
In this way, each sale maximises savings, while its cost reflects the true cost of shipping the product - both environmentally and monetarily.  
We don’t want to charge a flat rate because we think this is a more honest way of doing postage. 
Postage is like those nasty fees you see at the end of a phone bill that you end up paying but don’t really know why. Through this blog post and via our Instagram, we want to show as clearly as possible what is going into the price you pay for our products. Transparency is key!
Thank you as ever for your support.
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