How to make your home really sparkle! Our cleaning tips

Tidying really is good for the soul. We shouldn’t underestimate the energising boost that a deep clean of the house will give, allowing us to take control of our own space and give our lives an achievable reboot. So we thought that we would share some of the useful tips I (mainly my parents) use to do a thorough clean. 

Never start on something you cannot finish that day

Make sure you fully commit and plot out time to do the cleaning, otherwise it will never get done. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a daunting experience. Whether you start with one room or one corner, breaking a spring clean down into manageable tasks will help you to get through the whole house without feeling overwhelmed. Identify which rooms or areas are of most concern to you and start there. Then you can continue to move out to other areas, filling the time you have left. Try using a kitchen timer or your phone’s alarm to really focus – even 10 minutes a day can make a difference.

Always declutter before you start to tackle the cleaning

First of all, throw away the random bits that have filled up your house. Once the clutter is gone, you will find the cleaning becomes a much less intimidating experience.

Start on something small to ease you in, like your sock drawer. Even though this is a relatively easy task, it will give you a feeling of satisfaction when you wake up the next day. Then build up your decluttering: tackle another drawer, a small cupboard, a section of your wardrobe. Try to work room by room, so your concentration and goals remain focused. There is a reason to declutter regularly rather than leaving it until the big spring clean. 

The right tools will make light work of a spring clean

Ensure you have the correct cleaning products for the task at hand. We love being able to provide almost everything you might need for a good clean. From dish brushes to our wonderful glass spray bottles to help give some power to the cleaning. 

Always use natural

A clean house stems from the eco friendly and sustainable products you clean them with, so natural products are a good place to start and a clean home is both outside and inside so we need to care for our planet. We can promise our lovely cleaning products are plastic free and use less toxic chemicals while also getting the job done in an easy and affodable way. 

However, a home-made recipe you might like to try is to use - distilled vinegar and water can be used to clean windows and remove limescale. Dip a leather cloth in the mixture to remove a build-up of polish on furniture.’ We would also recommend - dipping kitchen roll in baby oil; it’s great for polishing up stainless steel appliances.’ Another top tip for cleaning tarnished silver is a personal favourite: Place a sheet of tin foil in the bottom of a pan, fill with boiling water and add salt. Plunge the tarnished silver cutlery in and leave for less than a minute. The salt and foil cause a chemical reaction that removes all tarnishing to reveal a fantastic shine. Rinse in warm soapy water to finish.

Now go and give some of these tips a go or try our cleaning products today. 

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