Happy International Women's Day

 Today is an important day around the world. This is the day that we need to put our hands in the air and say we aren’t done with improving our world.

So as today is a day of not only reflection but celebration we want to speak about the amazing female led businesses that we are proud to be stocking and supporting. Not only are all our suppliers at least co-founded by some lovely people but all our suppliers are co-founded by women. 

We know that each step we take needs to help us to build not only a more sustainable society but a more inclusive and progressive structure that not only supports but empowers everyone. 

So here are some facts about Leo’s Box

    • 95% of the influencers we are proud to gift boxes too and call insta-friends are women and amazing people in general 

    • Of the 12 suppliers we’ve got all of them are co-founded by a women

    • But also of those 12 we are proud to say that 7 are founded by only women

We know that we are supporting and learning from some incredible sustainable businesses which make us want to improve. But we also know that with our new membership model we want to and must take the right steps to ensure that any new suppliers are helping us build a better society. 

As a business Leo’s Box wants to make business a force for good through our charitable partnerships and B Corp certification but we also want to do our bit to save the planet. It isn’t enough to just promise to promote sustainable female led businesses but we want to ensure that we are setting in stone the next steps that Leo’s Box will take to ensure we never stop progressing. 

Although we don’t have any employees and are run by me Lysander I can promise you that I never want to stop trying my hardest to empower everyone and anyone on this journey towards a better future. We will tell you more in our impact report coming out in July but please know that we are not resting on our laurels.

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