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We love supporting everything and everyone and know that you want to hear about the best charities to share, donate too or just discuss with friends. Each box that we provide will always support a charity as we feel just so lucky to have the support of so many lovely people that we wanted to support as many people as possible. So here we go on a whistlestop tour of the best charities to give a go.  

One Tree Planted - as you all know, we plant a tree with every box to make sure that we can achieve carbon neutrality and provide an external benefit to our box. We use this wonderful charity to help plant trees around the world and in turn support local communities from acute drought or flooding. Trees have so many benefits and we believe that One Tree Planted is one of the most efficient charities to deliver the aim of planting trees.  

Plastic Oceans - we love our oceans, it is sort of in our name, and so wanted to donate a portion of the cost of our monthly box to a worthy ocean loving charity. They make their mark on the world by educating those who are likely to have the biggest possible impact, young people. Yep they go into schools and adult places like businesses and help people ‘relearn’ about plastic.  It really means a lot to us to support them, they embody our values and reflect the principles that we think sustainability involves. 

Surfers against Sewages (SAS) - SAS have a number of initiatives that help protect our oceans. 

  • BEACH CLEANS: They help over 30,000 dedicated people each year to organise beach cleans and protect the environment they love. The 2018 Big Spring Clean removed 63 TONNES of marine plastic pollution and litter from 575 beaches across the UK.
  • EDUCATION: SAS currently run two education programmes that help educate us all on matters of crucial environmental importance. The first is a schools project called “Plastic Free Schools,” which is a pupil lead programme designed to make a real, positive impact in schools all across the UK and beyond. The second is called “Ocean Schools” and is an immersive and hands-on outdoor education programme which takes place by the ocean and on beaches.
  • CAMPAIGNING: SAS are constantly petitioning government and industry to do more to tackle the problem of single use plastic. After 30,000 people got involved SAS managed to get Walkers Crisps to start the UK’s first recycling scheme for crisp packets.

Plant Life is a British conservation charity working to preserve our wild flowers, flora and fauna nationwide. These days, due to over farming and monopolisation of our wild vegetation areas much of our flowers, plants and fungi are threatened. They act as a bastion for protecting the often overlooked and taken for granted aspects of nature.  This wonderful charity changes all this, well worth supporting!


If you think we missed any, please email and we will have a look to see if we can add in any worthy charities. 

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