An eco members club is our future so let's explain what it is

We’ve moved away from a subscription box towards a members club and we’d like to tell you why. 
After months of planning and much excitement, I am really pleased to say that Leo’s Box has launched our very own members club. This is a really big step and something which I am really looking forward to learning from. It is with this in mind that I would love to tell you why and what the change means. 
So a subscription box was a really good way for us to introduce some of my favourite products to our lovely customers. But we found two three main issues with the model and so thought that we could better introduce our products in a different format. 
So we have become a members club which means that you pay a small price per month to gain access to the range of products but all of these products are at the price I buy them for. This means that you can now pick the products that you need but at a heavy discount. We like to think of this as a natural discount from the planet to your pocket. This means that the better choices you’ve made have even less of a cost. 
But there are of course even more benefits as we are trying to bring in a very personalised way to shop as we’ve done the leg work to show you the products and so you can pick and choose what works best for you. We want to make the experience of saving the planet as personal as your experience on this planet. 
So the benefits summarised:
  • Saving a lot of money on each product (a minimum of 20% off and a maximum of 70%)
  • Easy - we are trying our best to make it as easy as possible to pick out what you need
  • Personal - you are in control and pick out what you need for when you need it
But the thing that won’t change is our devotion to our products. They are the lifeblood of who we are and it is still a privilege to be able to stock these fantastic products. 
Another area that won’t change is our desire to answer difficult questions on our community page. We won’t shy away from topics and we will always try and explain the best solutions to help save our planet. So let’s start and continue making better choices for our future. 
Thank you for your support along this journey and we can't wait to welcome you as a member
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