Hi, I'm Lysander.
...and I deliver monthly boxes full of eco friendly products straight to your door, making it easy and affordable to live in a sustainable way

Join the mission for the planet 



Planet protecting products, delivered. Straight to your door, to make it easy and affordable to live in a sustainable way

How does it work? It's easy!

We deliver the best, hand trialed, products to your door for ease. We give you only necessary and planet protecting products for you to use.


Natural Discount 


Each box has a minimum saving of £9, while still planting a tree and giving money to Plastic Oceans. So you get the best products for the planet that don't cost the planet. 

Flexible shipments - Move it or use it


You've got total control of when you might want your box delivered, move it for you. Easy

So what's not to love?

Do I always get great value?

Yes always, we want to make it easy for you to enjoy our products so you save at least £10 compared to if you were to buy the products individually

Am I trapped in?

Nope if you want to leave us (you won’t) you can. We try to help and so make it easy to leave

How often will this awesome planet saving box arrive?

We deliver every month, but you can skip a month if you want (it’s up to you!)

Are there initiation fees or any other sneeky fees?

Why would there be? We don’t like them anymore than you do so don’t want to charge more than is necessary for you

Why shouldn’t I just buy this at the shops?

A. Our products are meant to be necessary so you don’t need to waste thought on them. 

B. We offer great value so you can save money. 

C. You don’t always get the best planet protecting products

Why should I get a box when I only want one product?

Well we think that you will always need more than just one product and try to make sure that each of the products delivered are related to each other